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New Residents to Texas

Vehicle Title and Registration for New Residents to Austin TX & Travis County

Welcome to Austin TX and Travis County! As an authorized service provider of Travis County and Texas DMV, Centex Auto Title can provide the same services found at Travis County Tax Assessor Collectors office including title transfer, registration (to receive license plates and a window sticker), 30-day temporary permits (paper license plates), and more. Below is information on the most common service for new residents, title and registration.


  • As a new resident you have 30 days to complete title and register of your vehicle after your move to Travis County. After 30 days late fees will apply. 

  • You must register your vehicle(s) before applying for a Texas Driver’s License at a TX Department of Public Safety office. You will take your registration receipt with you as proof of registration.

  • All services must be handled in person, per TxDMV requirements, at our walk-in location.

  • If you are unable to appear in person you can send someone to handle your transaction on your behalf with a Limited Power of Attorney form. See our FAQs page for more information. 

Vehicle Title Transfer or Renewal in Travis County, Austin TX
Vehicle Title + Registration Processing for Travis County, Austin

Vehicle Title & Registration Services 
for Austin TX and Travis County


With your title transfer: 

  • Texas Title
    Your new Texas title will arrive by mail from TxDMV in about 4 to 6 weeks after title transfer is complete. You will receive a receipt which can be used as proof of title transfer until your title arrives. 

With your registration:

  • License plates
    You will receive two (front and rear) license plates immediately.

  • Window sticker
    You will receive a window sticker immediately. 



Most new residents will require BOTH title and registration services.

For title and registration you must provide:

  • Vehicle Inspection
    Proof of passing emissions inspection. Inspection must be within 90 days of registration. Find an inspection station

  • Insurance
    Proof of liability insurance that meets Texas liability standards. Individual applying for title transfer must be listed on policy. Digital proof is acceptable. More information

  • Form 130-U
    Completed Application for Texas Title and/or Registration - Link

  • Title
    Original title document. You will surrender your original title.

  • ID
    Valid US Government-issued photo ID or Passport.

Registration Purposes Only

In certain cases you may apply for Registration Purposes Only (RPO) without transferring your title. A common scenario is if you carry a lien on your vehicle on don't have the physical copy of the title.

For RPO you must provide:

  • Original title OR photocopy of title OR or prior-state registration 

  • Emissions Inspection

  • Insurance

  • Form 130-U

  • ID



All stated fees are estimates. There are many variables and special circumstances which can affect the final cost.

  • New resident fee - $90

  • Registration fee - $80

  • Title fee - $33

  • Convenience fee - $30

Title and registration - $230*

Registration only - $210*

* Fees are exactly the same as you would pay at Travis County Tax Office / TxDMV with the exception of our convenience fee. Stated fees are estimates only and do not include any applicable late fees or credit/debit card transaction fees. Exact costs will be determined at time of transaction.


We are able to provide title and registration services for cars, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, etc. Watercraft must be registered with Texas Parks & Wildlife.


Centex Auto Title is a privately owned, for-profit business licensed to provide services on behalf of Travis County and TxDMV. If you prefer not to pay convenience fees you may complete all services we provide at the Travis County Tax Office.

See our FAQs page for answers to common questions.

Vehicle Title + Registration Processing for Travis County, Austin
Just Moved To Texas & Need Help With Vehicle Inspection & Registration? 
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