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Bonded Title Transfers

Vehicle Title Transfer With Surety Bond in Austin TX and Travis County

A "Bonded Title" (also known as a Certificate of Title Bond or Lost Vehicle Title Bond) allows a vehicle owner to claim ownership and register a vehicle when the title has been lost or stolen. Another common scenario requiring a Bonded Title is when a buyer encounters an error transferring a title which requires the seller to correct it but the seller cannot be contacted.


This is a multi-step process requiring the purchase of a Surety Bond. Centex Auto Title does not sell Surety Bonds. Once you have obtained the required paperwork, outlined below, we will help you get the vehicle titled and registered.

You can reference the requirements on the official TxDMV website - link.


The general steps are outlined here for your convenience.

Step 1

  • The Texas DMV requires that you are "eligible" for a bonded title. For this they require a Bonded Title Application (Form VTR-130-SOF) to be completed. The DMV will provide you with a letter regarding your title bond referred to as a Letter of Rejection. For this you will go to the TxDMV office at 1001 E Parmer Ln Austin, TX. The fee is $15. 


Step 2

  • Take the Letter of Rejection to a surety bond company. Costs will vary. Centex Auto Title does not sell surety bonds but we can give you information on local surety bond companies. Click here for more information.  

Step 3

  • Bring your Letter of Rejection and Surety Bond paperwork to us along with standard required documents to complete your title transfer.


Once the above process is complete you will receive your new title by mail from the TxDMV.​ 

Vehicle Title Transfer or Renewal in Travis County, Austin TX
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Bonded title requirements:

  • Letter of Rejection
    Obtained from TxDMV.

  • Surety Bond
    Obtained from a bond company. More information.

  • Additional requirements are the same as a standard vehicle services title transfer and/or registration
    See: Title & Registration - Link



All stated fees are estimates. There are many variables and special circumstances which can affect the final cost.

  • Letter of Rejection - from TxDMV office - $15

  • Surety Bond - from a surety bond company - costs vary.

  • See our Title & Registration page for fee information.

See our FAQs page for answers to common questions.

Vehicle Title + Registration Processing for Travis County, Austin
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