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Auto Title and Divorce

Vehicle title transfers relating to divorce in Austin, TX / Travis County

In the case of a divorce your vehicle title can be transferred. 

If the Divorce Decree awards the vehicle to you, you must surrender a certified copy of the Divorce Decree to apply for title. If the Divorce Decree does not award the vehicle to you, your ex-spouse must properly assign the title to you.



Title and registration requirements:

  • Divorce Decree
    It will need to be an original document.

  • Safety Inspection
    Proof of passing safety inspection - Link

  • Insurance
    Proof of liability insurance that meets Texas liability standards. Individual applying for title transfer must be listed on policy. Digital proof is acceptable.

  • Form 130-U
    Completed Application for Texas Title and/or Registration - Link - signed by buyer and seller

  • Title
    Original title properly signed by the buyer and seller

  • ID
    Valid US Government-issued photo ID or Passport

Title Transfer Only. You may transfer a title without registration. Requirements:

  • Original title

  • Form 130-U

  • ID

Vehicle Title Transfer or Renewal in Travis County, Austin TX
Vehicle Title + Registration Processing for Travis County, Austin

Vehicle Title & Registration Services 
for Austin TX and Travis County



All stated fees are estimates. There are many variables and special circumstances which can affect the final cost.

  • Sales tax
    Calculated based on sale price or 80% SPV (whichever is higher) - Link

  • Registration fee - $80

  • Title fee - $33

  • Convenience fee - $30

Title and registration - $150* before taxes

Title transfer only - $55*

* Fees are exactly the same as you would pay at Travis County Tax Office / TxDMV with the exception of our convenience fee. Stated fees are estimates only and do not include any applicable late fees or credit/debit card transaction fees. Exact costs will be determined at time of transaction.



We are able to provide title and registration services for cars, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, etc.

Centex Auto Title is a privately owned, for-profit business licensed to provide services on behalf of Travis County and TxDMV. If you prefer not to pay convenience fees you may complete all services we provide at the Travis County Tax Office.

See our FAQs page for answers to common questions.

Vehicle Title + Registration Processing for Travis County, Austin
For More Information On Our Title Services Please Contact Us.
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